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Two Old Cranks is leaving its mark on a lot of people, earning prestigious awards and honorable mentions along the day. Check out our Trophy Scoop Case: 2014 Killis Melton Ice Cream Crank-Off, McKinney, Texas.  Two Old Cranks’ American Apple Pie took home Best Gourmet Ice Cream, Best Overall Ice Cream and the People’s Choice Flavor As the Overall Winner, Two Old Cranks’ Award-Winning American Apple Pie was sold in Henry’s Homemade Ice Cream shop in Plano, Texas for a month or so to benefit the Ice Cream Crank-off and Museum.


Here’s what People are Saying About Two Old Cranks!

"Lady, you have no idea where you just took me"

"This is just like my grandma made. I remember sitting on the churn while Grandpa cranked it."

"Man, this stuff takes me way back."

"Oh my God, this is delicious."

"Everybody is raving about this ice cream, so let me try some!"

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Two Old Cranks has been scooping through the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and other parts of Texas, since 2011. As more people taste Two Old Cranks’ flavors, demand is building for more access to The Ice Cream You Want to Grow Old With.! Check The Scoop page frequently for Two Old Cranks’ news, updates and awards and recognitions.

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