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But make no mistake!  Two Old Cranks' trailer is different from a typical "ice cream truck". The Two Old Cranks trailer, complete with old fashioned cranks and deeply-rooted ice cream recipes, offers customers an experience that can ignite childhood memories of making homemade ice cream at Grandma's house, family reunions and fourth of July celebrations. (We can also cater your event. Just let us know your preference).

She cranks 6 quarts


Back in the 1940s, in a little town called Kaufman, Texas, Donald McGowen was the life of family gatherings, scooping up his delicious homemade vanilla ice cream recipe that was savored by all. Later, daughter Donna added fresh fruit and wowed the crowd with her rendition. The two essential ingredients that always gave their ice cream undeniable great flavor were: It was made from scratch, and It was made the right way…


Sixty years later, sister Tonya “Dale” continued the cherished family tradition, never wavering from the two essentials: 

Made from scratch; Perfected in a Crank.  After expanding the family’s ice cream flavors list and cranking award-winning recipes, Tonya is bringing this fabulous taste of yesteryear to you and your family!

With her husband Ronnie (PawPaw Crank) by her side, Tonya (Nanny Crank) introduced "Two Old Cranks" Homemade Ice Cream. Two Old Cranks’ flavors list now includes the Award-Winning American Apple Pie, the Ever-so-Popular Homemade Vanilla, the Family-Favorite Strawberry Banana Pineapple, the Messy-but-Perfect Chocolate and many more

(click here for the current flavors).

 How the Cranks got started ... It  all began with 2 Dons and a Dale!

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He cranks 5 gallons!


"I have the best memories .as a kid eating ice cream.  It was a family tradition that I had with my father.  It was nice." - Michael Strahan

It's not an "ice cream truck" ... it's an "ice cream experience!"  PawPaw and Nanny Crank deliver homemade ice cream by trailer to festivals, social gatherings, birthday parties, weddings, etc.